Digiquest™ Test-Series for NEET / JEE / AIIMS

About the Digiquest™ Test Series

Digiquest™ is an absolutely free test series for JEE and NEET, courtesy of Digital Coaching Centre, Gorakhpur. The sole purpose of the test-series is to promote problem solving skills and enrich deep and insightful thinking capabilities among prospective aspirants. Digiquest mimics original examination environment and takes place every Sunday, 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM.

Papers and Corrections

Digiquest papers are set by a team of experts comprising of Digital Coaching Centre’s faculty members. The question paper is of full length, that is, 90 questions in JEE Main and Advanced Papers, and 180 questions in the NEET; and lastly 200 questions for the AIIMS-UG. The OMR corrections are automatic and are processed by OMR machines. All care is taken to maintain the standards of the question paper and mimic the original examination environment.

Results and Insights

Results and progress is displayed on dcc.ac.in/results along with results of other tests published on our website. This also includes dynamic illustrations of a student’s strength and weaknesses. Results are available for download, the next Tuesday from the date of exams by 05:00 PM, and notification is sent to the registered mobile number.

Register for Digiquest™ test-series

Have a detailed look at the topics’ flow Document to prepare for the Digiquest.